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Introduction to Takt Planning & Control

Welcome to the best introduction to Takt Planning and Control Course in the world. Why should you learn and apply Takt?

Less than 30% of projects finish on time and we have the highest suicide, divorce, stress rates in the USA. Many of these problems come down to the inability to effectively plan and control the work onsite. 

At a fundamental level, Takt helps create flow for the trades. It ensures that the workload is balanced and allows greater predictability in the schedule. A Takt plan is a visual plan that fits on a single sheet of paper which the whole project team can understand and execute.

The goal of this course is to provide you with the knowledge, templates, and examples to create your own Takt plan. We will explain every step along the way and break down the principles and key concepts of Takt Planning and Control. In this 3-hour, 36 lesson course we will be covering 4 major modules:

  1. Why Use Takt in Construction
  2. Principles of Takt
  3. How to Apply Takt in Construction
  4. Learning Beyond This Course


Spencer Easton

Takt Planning, Mortenson

Spencer has been in the construction industry since 2004. He co-authored the book Takt Planning and Integrated Control. He started the first decade of his career in the trades, working for an industrial civil contractor and advanced his career from Laborer up to Assistant Superintendent. After-which he went back to school and got his Construction Management Bachelors degree. He holds certifications from Manitowoc, OSHA, PMI-SP, AACE-PSP, AGC CM-Lean, Acumen Fuse and Risk Analysis certified. He spent 10+ years planning and scheduling for multiple GC's and had the opportunity to apply Takt in Construction to over 200 projects. He has taught over 1000 individuals and organizations operational excellence and lean principles in 22 states at home and in 10 Countries abroad. He currently leads Takt Planning at Mortenson Construction.